What are the prices?​

  •       Parasail ticket prepurchase........$90
  •       Ride along and watch..................$45
  •       Video of your adventure..............$20 
  •       Tee Shirt......$20      (all prices plus tax)​ (same price flying solo, tandem or triple)

Safety Concerns?

  • Parasailing and all boating entails some risk and passengers assume that risk when they board the vessel.  Caribbean Breeze has no serious accidents in our history.  With other operators, parasail accidents happen when flying too close to buildings and during inclement weather.  We only fly in the open water away from buildings and only in suitable weather. The crew is trained to handle issues such as unlikely line separation.  It is designed to handle 6,000 pounds and normal operation is about 800 pounds of pressure.  If the boat unexpectedly stalls, passengers land gently in water and float until the crew retrieves them. Then, we restart or get help.

Customers Want To Know...

What is required to parasail?

  • Prepurchase your ticket from Caribbean Breeze with an assigned flight time. It takes only the physical effort of walking down a few stairs to land safely on the deck of Pirate's Paradise, our custom craft.

What should we wear?

  • Whatever you are comfortable wearing on a boat is fine for parasailing.  Swimwuit - if you want to get wet and get sun.  Passengers are secured in a three-point harness with thigh-loops and a thick nylon belt strap over your clothes and a PFD/life jacket on top.

Do I need to know how to swim?

  • No.  Generally it is handy knowledge to know how to float or swim for any boating, marine or beach activity.  But, we board passengers on the dock, inflate the canopy, attach passengers wearing pfd/life jackets and lift off from the aft deck of Pirate's Paradise. After flying about ten minutes, passengers return to land gently back on the boat.

Is Parasailing Scary?

  • After the adrenaline rush that accompanies lifting off from the boat deck, parasailing is serene and peaceful as you float quietly under the canopy of our beautiful parachute.  For those with a fear of heights, the crew will adjust the altitude to your pleasure.

Are there Weight or Age Restrictions?

  • Parasailing is not recommended under 6 years old and little ones must weigh at least 50 pounds (23 kilograms) to safely fit our extra small harness.  The maximum weight to fit the largest harness is 350.